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Written by Sara Goff IBCLC. Sacred Milk is created by Sara Goff and Austin Rees IBCLC and is a sister program to the Sacred Living Movement created by Anni Daulter.

Sacred Milk is based on holistic practices and keeping Milk simple.

The use of lactogenic foods and herbs has been a part of the holistic care of mothers during postpartum, and throughout their Milk journey, in all cultures for millennia.

We embrace and encourage utilizing the bounty of what mother earth provides to nourish our bodies and our babies.

Milk Mamas must also be aware that some foods and herbs may impact milk. Most of the herbs listed below do not have substantial research on their impact on milk supply, however, many mamas have seen various degrees of effect on their individual babe and supplies.

One mother may happily eat peppermints daily without a noticeable decrease in supply while another may notice a dip in supply with only occasional ingestion.

Each woman is an individual and her body unique.

Herbs used in culinary amounts in food can normally be enjoyed without seeing an effect on milk supply.

We encourage tapping into your intuitive wisdom and awareness of your body and your baby when consuming new herbs.

This list below is simply to inform you of potential effects, not to encourage their use or avoidance. BEFORE consuming herbs as tinctures or frequently consumed as tea, be aware of their potential effect on milk, your baby and any contraindications to medications or health conditions you have.
Seek the expertise of an herbalist and holistic IBCLC for specific guidance.

Galactagogues & Lactogenic foods are substances known to help a mom make milk more quickly or milk flow faster, they encourage and support lactation.

It is IMPORTANT to note that herbal and nutritional remedies don’t get to the root challenges of low milk supply. Often they will not work unless the underlying issues are addressed. In some cases taking MORE will cause a decrease in milk supply.

Once mom and baby are on the right track, herbs, cookies, tinctures and teas are fabulous ways to turn the situation around quickly! Know the root of the problem THEN use the appropriate galactogogue for supply concerns.

Potential Facilitators (Galactogogues)

*fenugreek : alfalfa : oats : barley water : dandelion : *hops : *blessed thistle : goats rue : milk thistle : *alfalfa : millet : stinging nettle : seaweed : shavatari : *anise : red raspberry : *basil : chickweed

Potential Decreasers (Anti-Galactogogues)

*peppermint : *parsley : *sage : thyme : yarrow : rosemary : holy *basil : jasmine : mugwort : alcoholic beverages (usually frequent drinking only) : most widely and effectively utilized herbs for decreasing milk supply : sage : tribulus

Galactogogue’s noted with an * may not be appropriate for self-use. Seek safety and dosage recommendation; possible allergenic

Fenugreek : is a widely popular galactogogue and culinary spice in East India and Asia. It has a beautiful sweet aroma and long history as a safe holistic herbal remedy. Before consuming fenugreek frequently or in medicinal doses (tinctures/teas/capsules) it is important to be aware that it may not be suitable for every mama or baby.

Note: DO NOT use fenugreek if your are PREGNANT or pregnancy is possible as it increases estrogen and may influence your pregnancy

Note on Allergies : Fenugreek is part of the legume family. If you are severely allergic to peanuts do not consume fenugreek.

Hypoglycemia: If you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, insulin resistant, have PCOS speak to your healthcare provider and herbalist before use. Caution: If you are hypothyroid or take medications for blood pressure caution use and seek the advice of your healthcare provider or herbalist.

Overall, keep things simple, eat enough food, drink enough fluids, and if needed try a nursing tea. If you have concerns about your milk supply seek out a consult with an IBCLC or La Leche League Leader/Breastfeeding USA counselor to find the cause.

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