Additional Courses/Certifications

In addition to my Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist certifications I’ve taken a large number of courses, most of which are in the realm of women’s health.

Here are the programs that I have done and hold certifications in/are programs I lead:

  • Menarche Ceremony Holder
  • Blood Mysteries Keeper
  • Red Drum Carrier
  • I AM Sisterhood Circle Leader
  • Sacred Fertility Counselor
  • Expecting Couples Connection Class Facilitator
  • Sacred Pregnancy Circle Holder
  • Blessingway Ceremony Holder
  • Postpartum Mother Roaster
    • Belly Binding Artist
    • Sealing Ceremonies
  • Sacred Baby Circle Holder
  • Sacred Motherhood Circle Holder
  • Sacred Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Sacred Scent Creator
  • Sacred Herbalism Practitioner (this is not a program that SLM offers, but I’m an herbalist so I added it in.  I contributed several recipes to Anni and Jessica Rose Booth’s book The Sacred Medicine Cupboard that is all about bringing herbalism into your life and making it magickal. You can see all of my herbal stuff over on my store website:

Many of these I plan to incorporate into my regular offerings, but until I live in one place…it’ll have to wait 🙂

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