Body Image Post Birth

Body Im

We all have issues with our bodies from time to time in our lives, but a postpartum woman can have very negative feelings about their body image if this issue is not addressed.

Here are some things to try!

Take some time to honor your new body as it blossoms into a mother’s body : one that will produce milk to nourish your baby, one that expanded to let your baby enter into the world, and one that will need mothering hips to carry your baby when she needs to be close.

Meditate on all of your feelings that arise in relation to gaining weight in general and postpartum and having a newly developed body.

Ask yourself if you feel sexy and attractive or if you have feelings of being undesirable and ugly.

Take notice of all of your feelings and acknowledge them, have compassion with yourself and own them. We are perfect in every moment. Remember that your new curves are luscious and full of life.

• Stand naked in front of a mirror and see what feelings it brings up in you.
• Wear something that makes you feel sexy and gorgeous that accentuates your new body.

Self-Love Practice
On a daily basis practice self-love massage while repeating a mantra. (Try the following)

I am so beautiful
I am so thankful for all my body has to offer
My body is strong
My body continues to provide for my child

Tara Lynn is a “plus size” model and mama who is amazingly proud of her post-baby body and is a fabulous person to follow for self-love inspiration:


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