Expecting Couples Connection Class

Expecting Couples Connection instructors are schooled in how to bring deep connection into the couple’s experience BEFORE baby comes, so they feel more solid in their relationship and more mentally + physically + spiritually ready to welcome a new baby into their home.

This is not your typical birth education class. This class is designed to give you as a couple tools to create and maintain a deep connection to each other as well as your coming baby. It will also cover some of the topics you would expect from a birth education class, but it is more about helping you to connect with yourself, your partner, and your baby to create a beautiful birth experience.

The 5 week Expecting Couples Connection Classes are for pregnant couples and will explore the following topics:


sacred space + couples connect + birth visualizations + vision cards + mala making + mantras

Partner Projects : birth vision cards + making a mala & mantras + heart to heart connection with beloved



TRUST + fear release + LOVE HORMONE “oxytocin” + ‘surrender’ with the power of the senses

Partner Projects : mother wisdom + animal wisdom meditation + diving into the senses + finding your “sacred scent” (smell) + surrender with chocolate (taste) + birth song (sound) + sacred kiss (touch)



Birth Talk : PRACTICE limp & loose + stages of labor + birth videos + ohm-ing + Love LABOR METHOD + creating a SACRED HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE + SACRED KISS

Partner Projects : LOVE labor method + practice deep voice toning & ohm-img + learn a few rebozo techniques for comfort + birth ball + date with nature



Rite of passage + mother roasting + salt bowl + bow meditation (claiming parenthood)

Partner Projects : salt bowl + crossing the threshold into parenthood + learn traditional sacred belly bind


This is not your typical birth education class…this class is all about getting you out of your head and back into your soul and your body.

This class is meant for expecting couples to take together in addition to any other childbirth education classes you are interested in. It is not a stand-alone child birth education course, rather it is a journey to help you discover who you intend to be as a couple after your new baby arrives. It is meant to deepen your connection to each other so that you have a strong foundation to rest on as parents.

Sacred Birth Journey classes are a special place for pregnant women and their partners to gather together, for 5 weeks later on in their ‘pregnancy journeys’.  Each week is spent exploring pertinent topics that naturally arise for most women as they walk down their pregnancy paths and encourage deep sharing, exploring ART, expression, laughter, honoring and CELEBRATION. Pregnancy is one of the DEEPEST DRINKS life has to offer, and should always and in all ways be treated as S A C R E D!

Each woman’s pregnancy pot gets stirred with various emotions and we all need a safe place to process those tides and sip some sanity from the community cauldron. We want to take the pregnancy + BIRTH conversation through winding unsure roads, down unbeaten paths, out on adventures, for a slow dance, get sexy BEAUTIFUL with it, down and bloody with it, cram it with herbs, tears, passion, love and FRESH PERSPECTIVE, crack it open for new rays of sunlight to shine down and help enlightened visions grow, and mostly have fun pouring over all this juicy goodness together, in the new sisterhood we are creating! We are going old school in order to meet women where they need to be met!

This program is offered both as a group class or on an individual (one couple) basis. It is non-gendered and meant to be inclusive of all types of couples who are bringing a child into their life together.

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If you are interested in taking the birth journey class or in hosting this program in your space please send an email to Sarah: SarahJosey@GoldenPoppyHerbs.com

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