The following services are offered in the Northern Colorado (and Southern Wyoming) area as well as the Fairbanks Alaska area.

Health & Wellness Programs

Herbalism & Nutrition Consultations – schedule a consultation to talk with Sarah about your current health issues and how you might be able to work together to achieve better health. All of Sarah’s sessions and recommendations combine herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors to help you achieve balanced health. She offers a free 30-minute phone consultation to all clients interested in finding out if working with her is right for them. Price 

Fix Your Health – an in depth program to change your life. Work with Sarah over a period of time to gain the deepest level of support.

Balance Your Hormones – for better Mood, Energy, Health, and Vitality. Perfect for women of all ages experiencing any hormone issues.

Detox Challenge – 30 days to detox your life. A Do It Yourself style program that is a great way to get started on the road to better health.

Fertility Journey – work with Sarah either in a private or group setting as you navigate the fertility journey. Everything we do will complement any other fertility support you are using. Beyond the physical work, this service includes emotional and spiritual support. Find out more about the upcoming group program here. Sign up to work privately with Sarah here.

Herbalism, Nutrition, Classes & More:




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