My Hands


This poem/prayer/blessing came from a meditation I did as a part of the Mother Roaster Training on my hands and the work they do in this world.

Part of the inspiration came from a blessing from one of my favorite books on spirituality that kept coming to mind when I was doing the meditation, but this is the final piece that ended up flowing and being created.

The original poem came from the book Be A Goddess by Francesca De Grandis¬†who is one of the most amazing and inspired spiritual teaches I’ve had the pleasure to read.

If you feel called to, please use this as a self-love mediation, a prayer, or a blessing on yourself and others.

It’s meant to remind you that you are sacred and holy because you are a part of this sacred universe in which we live.

The ‘you’ I refer to can be any form of spirit that you feel most akin to, adapt it to suit your beliefs.

A special thanks to Essential Rose for allowing me to use her beautiful photograph as the background image.

Many blessings,

My Hands

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