Sacred Fertility Program

The Sacred Fertility Program is an 8-week program designed to support couples on the fertility path, or to give you as a fertile woman, a deep grounding and knowing of your own fertility.

Sacred Fertility aims to change the conversation around fertility.

This isn’t just about having a baby or trying to conceive. It is about our legacy as human beings on this planet. It is supporting women to find their soul path and what they truly have to offer the world- be it a baby human or a creative life of service or something else. Sacred Fertility explores the ways we become ‘mother’ consciously and with intention.

This program is for anyone currently trying to have a baby or thinking about having one in the future. It’s about preparing your mind, body, and soul for the arrival of a new life.


The program will cover the following areas of fertility over the eight week period of time, meeting every week in a small group setting for two hours at a time:




Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting and how that can be a powerful tool for all women & self care massage techniques.










Fertility super foods and Real Foods such as bone broth, fermented veggies, and other nutrient dense foods.







Detoxification of self, vaginal steams, sacred bathing, body brushing, identifying areas in your life that need cleansing & practical tools.







Witnessing Emotions, Listening & Processing Loss, Creating a Safe Container, The Mother Wound, Communication, Trust.










Exploring Soul Contracts, Sacred Space, Intuition and Your Soul Path, Sealing & Honoring.










Meeting guides and friends to support fertility from nature, lunar conception.










Tips on improving sleep and how it affects our hormones, mood and health: addressing adrenal fatigue, dream work and the first spark of creation.







For creating a life that is full, nourished and pro-creative.



This program is offered both as a group class or on an individual (one couple) basis. It is non-gendered and meant to be inclusive of all types of couples looking to bring a child into their life together.

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