Sacred Postpartum/ Mother Roaster Services

motherMother Healing $500

This package is designed to help soothe and heal mom right after birth, typically when she is still feeling raw and exposed in her new form.
If mom has had a c-section then it is best to wait 4-6 weeks postpartum to begin these practices in order to allow the body time to heal from the surgery.


Mother Sealing $200

This is a half-day ritualized event that is a wonderful way to honor mom’s transition from maiden to mother. It can be done for mom’s at any point in time after birth, anywhere from one day to forty years.
It makes for an especially beautiful rite to have close friends and family present for the Sealing Ceremony and Salt Bowl Ritual.

  • Birth Story Witnessing
  • Tea Ritual & Heart of the Mother Tea
  • Fear Releasing
  • A Mother’s Journal
  • Ceremonial Bath
  • Body Oil Rub Down
  • Sealing Ceremony
  • Intention Setting Salt Bowl

Mother Nourishing $150

During birth mom gives a significant amount of her stored nutrients over to baby. Add on top of that the long process of labor itself and then baby’s need for nourishment through milk, and mother’s are often left feeling depleted.
This package is a bundle of nourishment delivered to your door to help restore mom’s vitality post-birth. All food is made fresh to order so please let us know when mom is getting close to her time so we can get prepared ahead of time.
*If you have any food sensitivities or things you do NOT like to eat, please be sure to let us know when ordering this package*
  • Slaking Hunger
    • Carrot Bliss Soup
    • Red & Roasted Soup
    • First Day Porridge
    • Kitchari
    • Seeded Granola
  • Slaking Thirst
    • PostPartum Bliss Tea
    • Nursing Tea
    • Blissful Almond Milk

Mother Embracing $150

Emotions can run rampant post-birth, and often unexpected thoughts and feelings arise. Having someone to talk to who can offer guidance and support can be crucial to help with mom’s recovery and healing.
This is a consultation service with a clinical herbalist who will offer support through discussion with mom about her current postpartum state, and then create customized herbal and essence blend to help support her specific needs.


Additional Healing $75/ hour plus cost of herbs

Have us come back for additional healing sessions post birth. Ideally every other day at least two additional times after the initial session.

Additional Embracing $75/hour plus cost of formulas

Follow-up sessions for mom’s support as needed.

Purchase Products

Bath Oil
Belly Bind
Belly Firming Paste
Blissful Almond Milk
Bottom Spray
Carrot Bliss Soup
First Day Porridge
Heart of the Mother Tea
Mother’s Journal
Nipple Rescue
Nursing Tea
PostPartum Bliss Tea
Red & Roasted Soup
Seeded Granola
Self-Love Body Oil
Sitz Bath Herbs
V-Steam Box
V-Steam Herbs
Warming Packs

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